pVault® Enterprise Content Manager is the foundation for all of Paperless Environments®' solutions. All electronic business records that are created or received during normal business transactions can be captured and organized with pVault® for fast, easy, multi-user access and distribution.

pVault® enables your organization to:


  • Scan paper documents with one, easy-to-use batch scan process.
  • Capture electronic files via drag-n-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps or Microsoft Office® Add-In functionality.
  • Print directly into pVault® system from ANY software program using our proprietary printer driver.
  • Assign documents to custom user queues for further processing.
  • Streamline data capture using optional ABBYY FlexiCapture® OCR technology.

Index & Store

  • Define custom document types and indexes.
  • Easily connect index values to ERP or other database tables for automatic backfilling and validation.
  • Update index fields using optional ABBYY FlexiCapture® OCR technology.
  • Index and store electronic files like MS Excel® worksheets, MS Word® documents or PDF files in their native format.
  • Index and store MS Outlook® email records.


  • Retrieve images via any combination of index fields.
  • Restrict users to view only allowed content with security-driven access.
  • Create public or user defined search templates for one-click searching.
  • Utilize integrated reporting to link business transactions with electronic content using Crystal Reports™.


  • Route scanned batches electronically to process or for indexing and filing.
  • Distribute documents via email, print or save-to-file.
  • Annotate document images with stamps, notes, lines and signatures.
  • Convert document images to PDF for universal distribution.
  • Transport images as CD/DVD with viewer utilizing CDPlus™.


  • Establish life-cycle scheduling and disposition for all electronic content by document type and projects.
  • Create archive CD/DVD with CDPlus™.
  • Place litigation “holds” on documents involved in claims.

Learn more about how to extend pVault® to your external users with Paperless ePortal.

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Companies that use the Microsoft Windows®  file system to store electronic information agree that it causes many electronic file management issues. The lack of structure, the one-dimensional search capability and the inability to control placement and naming of files creates issues like inconsistent file naming and placement, duplicate files stored in multiple places and limited or no life-cycle management.

pVault® not only provides structured controls on how your company manages paperless documents and electronic files but also acts as a tool to secure and manage electronic content so your organization complies with federal, state and local electronic information requirements.