Paperless Lock Out Tag Out

Locked & Uploaded

It’s time to modernize your lockout/tagout kit.

Paperless Lock Out Tag Out by Paperless Environments® is a first-of-its-kind software solution for all lockout/tagout processes. Take your current lockout/tagout procedure and make it error-proof, providing a safer environment for you and your staff. Paperless Lock Out Tag Out's software is totally customizable to match customers' current LOTO procedures. Perform and track processes from your smartphone, tablet or laptop using Paperless Environments®’ intuitive applications for Android and iOS devices.

Leave behind dangerous and inefficient paper processes with Paperless Lock Out Tag Out by Paperless Environments®.


  • Fumbling through paperwork.
  • Misreading paperwork.
  • Time spent scanning documents for auditing purposes.
  • Confusion during shift changes.
  • Worker injuries caused by poor communication or lost paperwork.

Transform your processes with Paperless Lock Out Tag Out by Paperless Environments®

  • Customize Paperless Lock Out Tag Out to match your processes.
  • Set up jobs to create and capture all lockouts electronically.
  • Assign employees to jobs and track lock inventory per employee and per job.
  • Assign employee roles including foreman, field supervisor, lead, safety and more.
  • Automatically generate reports featuring job details, employee lock history, closed-out job reports and more.
  • Enable supervisor visibility on all transactions.
  • Digitally sign and submit lockout approvals.
  • Automate lockout report routing upon completion, including detailed reporting on lock activity and lockouts per job or employee.
  • Easily keep track of all assigned locks.
  • Manage multiple jobs, job sites and all employees from one user-friendly application.
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to injuries and workers’ comp claims with real-time visibility to projects remotely.


"Paperless Lock Out Tag Out has significantly reduced human error when completing paperwork from start to finish. Complacency has been virtually eliminated with the software asking workers all necessary questions, ensuring that no steps are skipped in the process. This innovative software allows me to safely complete the lockout/tagout process prior to servicing electrical disconnects.”
– Joseph M., Electrical Safety Superintendent, Florida