We deliver a proactive approach toward risk management, giving users the power to track, respond, and document all phases of the compliance procedure.

  • Lien waiver tracking; no spreadsheets or three-ring binders necessary
  • Insurance tracking is more than monitoring expiration dates
  • Never guess on the status of your contractor licenses again
  • Ensure timely payment with automated certified payroll reports
  • A centralized communication center for you and your vendors

Lien Waivers

Our Lien Waiver Tracking Module automates one of contractors’ most time-consuming daily tasks into a simple, paperless process. Integrating with most accounting softwares, our proactive, automatically-filled lien releases eliminate the accident-prone nature of this once-painstaking procedure. Replacing your spreadsheet with our dashboard and email alerting system allows you to stay on top of waiver statuses with ease.

Insurance Tracking

Our Insurance Tracking Module simplifies the paper-intensive process of gathering and monitoring insurance certificates and endorsements in one central location. Easy integration with your accounting system eliminates duplicate entry of information for jobs, vendors, and subcontracts, streamlining your internal and external communication pipeline.

Contractor Licenses

Our Contractor Licenses Tracking Module automates the tracking, storage, and retrieval process of obtaining your company and your company’s subcontractors’ licenses. Tracking expiration dates, continuing education hours, license documents, and bid limits can become a simple, automated process with our alerting and communication applications.

Certified Payroll

Our Certified Payroll Module manages the collection of your sub-contractors' certified payroll reports based on your specific criteria to ensure timely payment for each of your jobs.

Vendor Portal

Our Vendor Portal provides a place where you and your vendors can effortlessly process documents, sign lien waivers, update insurance details, and view compliance statuses. The portal’s paperless system integrates with most ERP systems to eliminate duplicate entries and save you from having to make manual updates, manage email threads, and scan completed documents.

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Greenlight Compliance is the easy-to-use and comprehensive software solution designed to simplify your complicated construction compliance processes.