Paperless Endorses Greenlight Compliance Manager

Do you have issues tracking insurance certificates, lien waivers, contractor licenses or certified payrolls? These issues are such a pain to track, so much so that often we tend to just "not do it" or catch up on the tracking "every so often." Then what happens? If a subcontractor gets hurt on the job but his insurance has expired, you may be facing a lawsuit!

Well, we have found the answer! Paperless Environments® is proud to endorse the GreenLight Compliance Manager from GreenLight Compliance Solutions, LLC. The interface of this software is unlike anything we have ever seen! Automate the tracking and notification of your insurance certifications, lien waivers, etc. with this revolutionary new software program.

Paperless is currently working on a "connector" to tie GreenLight Compliance Manager into the inner workings of pVault®, but, don't wait for us! Visit the website of their exclusive reseller at GreenLight Compliance Manager and contact them for a demo. You will not be disappointed.

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