How to Simplify Your Document Approval Process

Gone are the days of manually printing, emailing or faxing documents through the chain of project managers to achieve final approval. Answer “Where is that approval request?,” “Who do we have left to sign off on this project?” and “When is this supposed to be submitted?” with one answer: Doc Route™
With a number of benefits, this system provides a simple and efficient solution to electronically route contracts, job photos, change orders, human resource forms, work orders, general ledger adjustment entries and drawings in five simple steps:

  1. Establish a pre-defined document route with hard route-return dates.
  2. Secure any sensitive items within the document to require authorized access.
  3. Attach any relevant notes, annotations and audit information to the document itself.
  4. Receive an email notification when a document is routed to you.
  5. Easily reply to any questions along the way until the document has reached approval.

If this sounds as though it could benefit your team, please contact us today to get started.

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