3 Reasons You Should Track the Path of All Electronic Documents

Whether it’s a spreadsheet, floor plan, project overview or new contract proposal, there are a multitude of documents floating around to keep a construction business running smoothly. However, exactly where those documents are at any given time and the steps that it takes for them to get there is important for a number of reasons.

  1. Know whose court it’s in - When collaborating with multiple users on a single project, the question of where it is in the approval process should never be a question. If you are using a system to route each document, you can see who has approved it and who is still further along the chain of command.
  2. Attach any relevant notes and photos - Instead of just the document itself, keeping an “online paper trail” of any comments, revisions, communication and relevant notes with the document will help to keep everything organized and to see who okayed or changed things.
  3. Stay on top of deadlines - You’ll know who to blame and whose door to knock down if something is projected to not be complete on time.

If you don’t have a system already that can help with these tasks, contact us. Our products, pVault® and Doc Route™ do all the above and more!

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