We believe your human resources department is worth more than collecting and filing paperwork.

Human Resources

  • How many documents, both paper and electronic, do you manage on a daily basis?
  • How do you go about collecting personal information for your team members?
  • Where are these documents currently being stored, and are they protected from others accessing them?
  • Are you sure you can find the needed documents quickly and efficiently, and are they safe from being destroyed before you need them most?
  • Do you have a need to send documents to your fellow employees for approval and/or collaboration?

Paperless Environments® Is Your Answer.

From recruiting new employees to updating important stakeholders on corporate policies, our products integrate with your existing business infrastructure to help you achieve maximum efficiency and profitability while cutting your paper, distribution and production costs.

Product Capabilities

Document Management

Capture, index, store, retrieve and distribute the documents you manage on a daily basis within the pVault® Enterprise Content Management system. Securely store resumes, applications, W4 forms, vacation request forms, drug test results, etc., with tight security policies, version control, audit trails and retention control. The pVault® Enterprise Content Management can be linked directly to your HR database systems for easy lookup and retrieval of employee, benefit or other HR related information.

Document Routing Workflow

The Doc Route™ module allows you to route documents to various users or groups for approval and/or collaboration all within the security of the pVault® ECM system. Route documents automatically as they are stored in the system.

Electronic Forms

The Paperless eForms module allows you to develop and distribute any number of forms to Apple or Android devices throughout your organization to gather data remotely. Field employees can fill out forms and requests for vacation, benefits, sick leave, etc. directly from their iOS or Android tablets and have it directly submitted to the pVault® system.

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