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pVault® Enterprise Content Management for Dealerships & Automotive Industries

Revolutionize how you manage your dealership and automotive forms and other documentation with our easy to use software for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Would you like your document handling to be automated and efficient?
  • Would your teams benefit from increased communication between sales staff, warehouse and fulfillment personnel?
  • Are you misplacing invoices, warranty documents, contracts, service records and other important documentation?
  • Would you like to capture information on-site without having to transport paper?
  • Do you wish you could fill and submit forms remotely?
  • Are your installers and managers struggling to capture and store installation checklists, damaged goods forms and other documentation?
  • Would you like to change your manual process to an automated system to approve and communicate change orders at the push of a button?
  • Is your current, manual paper process slowing down your business and costing you time and money?

Product Capabilities

Document Management

  • Capture, index, store, retrieve and distribute documents within the pVault® Enterprise Content Management system.
  • Quickly and efficiently capture all necessary images and documentation for trade-in evaluation.
  • Create document types and index values.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs of printing, shipping and storing paper files.
  • Manage document lifecycles with automatic archival policies and litigation hold capabilities.
  • Easily enforce company or department security policies and track all access and activities performed on your documents.
  • Publish documents to the web for instant access by employees, customers and other third parties with the optional Paperless ePortal.

Electronic Forms

  • Develop and distribute forms to Apple or Android devices to gather data remotely using the Paperless Environments® eForms application.
  • Completed forms by remote users are instantly saved securely in the pVault® system.

Document Routing Workflow

  • Instantly route documents to various users or groups for approval and/or collaboration, all within the security of the pVault® system using the DocRoute™ module.
  • Route documents electronically by simply dragging and dropping documents into pVault® and completing a simple route slip.
  • Implement automated routing rules to automatically route documents to various users or groups.
  • Route and track requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, photos, vacation requests and much more.

Credit Card Importer

  • Download credit card statements and auto-match statements with credit card receipts indexed in pVault® using the Credit Card Importer Module.
  • Electronically code receipts and route statements for approvals.
  • Capture and code credit card receipts right from the field using our eCapture application.

Virtual TIFF Printer

Shift Expectations
The Paperless TIFF Printer is the complete solution for dealerships and service departments needing a fast and reliable TIFF conversion tool. Imagine no more click charges, scanning documents, paper disposal fees or “free” printers. With the Paperless TIFF Printer, you can expect to own all your company’s data in a safe and secure vault.

Totally bypass the printer and scanner and print straight to your pVault account with the Paperless TIFF Printer. There you have complete control to email, route using DocRoute or send documents to the main pVault viewer. After you install this tool, it’s easy to create images from any program you are running by simply printing the document and selecting the Paperless TIFF Printer.

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