Our team of experts works hard to provide you with products that are flexible, scalable and easy to use and maintain.

Our Technology

We separate ourselves from other content management solution providers by offering products that feature custom-developed, automated workflows that fully integrate and leverage your existing business applications and infrastructure. Plus, our customers see higher returns on investment! Scroll down to learn more about all of the amazing things our technology can help you accomplish.

Companies that use our products have experienced:

  • Reduced distribution, printing and labor costs.
  • A decrease in facility expenses.
  • The need for less personnel.
  • An increase in prompt-payment discounts.

We utilize the latest Imaging and Workflow Automation (IWA) technology to create cost-saving and efficient paperless solutions for our customers, including the following:

Document Scanning

Gone are the days of flatbed, one-page-at-a-time scanners with the only choice of slow speeds. Our IWA solutions utilize high-end scanners that scan upward of 100 pages/minute, black-and-white and color documents and any page size to quickly digitize your paper documents. Scanning can be done locally at your home office or from remote locations.

OCR Data Extraction of Scanned Images

You can now use Optical Character Recognition to automatically extract important data from scanned images instead of having to enter this data manually, providing you an automatic, single-data entry point.

Electronic Storage of Documents on File Servers, Portable Drives and CDs/DVDs

The cost of electronic storage space has decreased and the amount of information that you can store electronically has increased to the extent that even small businesses can now afford to store their documents electronically and reap the associated cost savings and efficiencies of processing electronic documents.

Integration of your Existing Business Applications

No more information silos where separate systems don’t communicate with each other, causing you to re-enter data. Our IWA solutions provide transactional data to your existing systems, including posting approved transactions to your general ledger system.

Automated Workflow Management

How much time do organizations waste trying to find information or determine the status of projects or payments? Our IWA solutions include automatic routing of tasks according to your organization’s business workflow, personnel responsibilities and security needs. Our workflow tool automatically tracks and manages approval processing, including automatic notifications to users, reminder messages and escalation procedures.

Enhanced Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting

Our robust reporting tool will enable you to quickly analyze key business metrics and make informed business decisions. For example, Accounts Payable reports can include information on invoices pending approval, unpaid invoices past due and average invoice processing time by user for quality control and load balancing.

Products Developed on Microsoft®.NET Development Platform

Our IWA solutions are developed using Microsoft®.NET technology that positions your company to take full advantage of the resources, capabilities and accessibility of the Internet.